Yesterday was Lyon's annual Festival of Lights. Put my tangerine light on my balcony.

December 9th, 2013, 12am

It used to be that inhabitants of Lyon put candles in glasses outside their window for this Festival dating back to the 1850s in its current form, with roots in the 17th c. In the last 10 years though, it’s become a huge tourist attraction, and the city sets up spectacles for 3 days. And as you tend not to put a mere candle out when the city floods your building with light, most people have stopped doing it. I went to see the spectacles yesterday, they were not as inventive as last year’s, I felt, but we still got to go out as an extended family at night, in the cold, and drink mulled wine/ glühwein. Back home I peeled this tangerine in two, removed the inside, dripped oil in one half, cut out a chimney in the other half, and lighted the oil. My father, I think, taught me this when I was a kid. It smells of tangerine after a while.

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