If you wanted her to stay...

November 13th, 2014, 7pm

It was 14.4°C. The wind was calm.

you don’t spend her like spare change. you don’t toss her like old papers and magazines. you don’t get to use her and then abuse her, or ignore her like she was just another notch in your bed post.

you keep her like she’s a precious stone, protect her like a national treasure, hold her like she’s a crystal swan. you treat her like a diamond, beautiful and unbreakable, and when she cuts you, it’s because you mishandled her.

when she lets you in, you fall in. when she stands naked before you, devour her, touch every inch like she’s an undiscovered land and you’re the first to explore her. kiss her like she’s water and you’re on fire. hold her close, but never crush her.

you are not her conqueror. you are not her owner. you don’t hold any deeds to the castle that she is. you must earn entry to her world, because she is a forbidden city and you’re on the other side of the gates.

(Photo edited in Mextures, Afterlight, and VSCO cam.)

Sara, Christine, Ralph and Valentina said thanks.

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líadan rí

lara, massage therapist, bibliophile, gamer, nerd. midnightfires @ flickr.

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