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August 17th, 2014, 5pm

Dreamed up and created my first perfume ever today. I also signed up for a full 12-class beginner course in fragrance compounds. Cannot wait to learn and create more, and share my creations in this space!

There is something incredibly fulfilling about imagining a story, place, person, translating that into scent, and actually making it happen. I feel like something abstract and inexplicable has been drawn out from deep within, and given form.

8/17 Today’s creation: Perfume No. 1 - Sunday with Plato

The image of my grandfather’s old house. Sitting by an open window on a warm, sunlit Sunday morning. I read an old copy of Plato. The green scent of the garden outside gently wafts in.

Formula (approximately in cc):

  • Citrus 0.4
  • Lilac 1.2
  • Violet Orris 0.3
  • Lily of the Valley 0.2
  • Chypre Base 1.5
  • Woody Base 0.4
  • Musk Base 0.1
  • Rose 0.05

(I am taking a course using pre-mixed compounds instead of singular ingredients, of which there are often ~100 in a perfume.)

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