When I get my own apartment... I'll be damned sure to get a view of a crowded street and plenty of city lights (Buy a night light) 

May 15th, 2016, 10pm

I have a tendency to feel so very alone in this world. I need that constant reminder that there are other people out there. Who also feel alone sometimes, and that that’s totally okay. Just don’t drown in it. When I wake up in the middle of the night I want to look out the window and see bright lights, from cars and other apartments who are also having a restless night. I need that reminder; that I’m never alone. I like thinking of other places in the world, and ask myself questions like: is there a person like me right now who’s also thinking of other people, in other houses in the middle of the night? Looking out their window for a sign of others like them. I suddenly feel bad, I want them to know that I’m awake too, just like you. But unfortunately, I don’t know this person, maybe only a part of my imagination even. Money doesn’t make the world go round, it’s us. We human beings make us other human beings go round. When I look out the window and see people driving cars in the middle of the night I feel saved, in some weird way, and calm. All those lampposts that make my view more enjoyable, are out there because us humans have placed them there. Those few apartment windows where light still shines through- it all saves me. So when I sit here all alone, I make sure to have a little light on, so if others like me can hopefully feel safe.

David Wade and Christine said thanks.

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Anja Bryant

Hello, fellow authors! I'm just a kid with a passion for writing really unplanned, messy and imperfect texts. I hope to improve my writing skills, and also read others work. Have a nice day! xo

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