There is nothing more relaxing than spending a few hours at the beach, drawing energy from the sun rays...

June 21st, 2016, 9pm

Actually, I had to deal with a huge dilemma last weekend.

I had two options for how to spend the Sunday afternoon:

  • Staying at home and doing a good clean up of the mess caused by the kids, or
  • Going to the beach, swimming, sunbathing and drinking cocktails under the beach umbrella.

I know it sounds like a pretty easy decision to make, but I just had to clean around. We had guests coming over for dinner the night before and the living room was a complete mess. The party was pretty wild and the floor was covered with napkins, peanuts and a few stains on the carpet. You could say what exactly was served on the table just by looking down at the flooring.

And this is why I was in such hesitation. Thank God my husband has an addiction to beaches and the ocean. He can spend all day, every day, laying on a sunbed with a beer at one hand and a good book in the other. He wanted us to go there so much that he even suggested hiring a housekeeper to clean for me. He even said that he may call the agency which cleans their office in Downtown Brisbane. That worked for me! With the widest smile on my face, I was equipped with a towel and shades only 10 minutes after his proposal!

It was the most amazing Sunday. Not just that I avoided doing the annoying chores, but I also had acquired quite a suntan!

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Paula Pierce

Paula works as a marketing specialist for Ray's Cleaners Brisbane @ . She prefers to spend her free time outdoors, reading and exploring new destinations. Jogging and yoga keep her fit.

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