Sunny! Mt. Io

February 11th, 2014, 1am

Mt. Io(Io-dake) belongs to Mts. Yatsugatake, which is 2760m above. Yesterday, I and my friend stayed in a small hutte, and today went to its summit. It was sunny and the wind wasn’t so strong. It was warm like spring, so good to climb the winter mountain. This mountain is made ​​of black and red rock, and white snow. From the top, I was able to look over the Northern Alps. So beautiful, and I felt like be in heaven. I had same feeling at first when I climbed Mt. Io in the same season last year. At that time, the weather was sunny too. But cold and strong wind was always blowing, my left ear got a light frostbite. Sore and itchy…pus wasn’t stop and I went to work with a bandage. I was really surprised because I had thought that only the people climbing high mountains like Mt. Everest got frostbite. Winter mountain is so beautiful but arises awe in me. In the winter mountain, temperature is below minus 10 degrees, my body begins to tremble against my intension. I feel pain in my lungs when I woke up to breathe in my tent in the morning. And I can’t stand on the frozen surfaces. The winter mountain teaches me the limit of my body. When I look the severe condition of winter mountain, resist temporarily but accept it. Because I am made ​​by various chances given by nature, so I can’t resist. But winter mountain is sometimes gentle and calm like today. It’s grateful.

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Kawachida Emi

mountain climbing, traveling and art

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