The Business Religious Class

February 5th, 2003, 11am

Few years ago I happened to read a piece by Calev Ben-David in Bloomberg News about Jews. There was nothing revealing though but I gave a thought of Jews being compared to Gujaratis or Marwaris.

All Indians are made equal; all Indians have got the same opportunity, market and access. How is that these two communities have got runaway success in business whereas a majority of the other tribes are not able to make it even beyond first step.

Every region has its own specialization. For example you find the highest number of journalists and authors from South India or West Bengal. They become great journos but die in penury. Gujaratis and Marwaris who become journalists turn themselves into ‘journalistic entrepreneurs’ in their own style.

Malayalis, for instance, have this special knack of being in secretarial job. Whether it is a Private Secretary of any Civil Service officer or some private entrepreneurs or even the Prime Minister of President of India, they excel in this field. They are sincere, hardworking, punctual, good command over language, articulate and above all never learns the trick from their masters to overtake them.

Just like the Jews, Gujaratis and Marwaris (Let’s call them Gujmar) work hard, gambles on money they never own, are found everywhere, are greatest capitalists, great US lovers, have a far flung Diaspora and have this great knack for identifying and running successful business.

While a major part of the globe trounced capitalism as the root cause of problems, Jews and Gujmars refused to accept it. And they continued to prosper while the Socialism advocates made painful exits.

Both Jews and Gujmars have close relation to Bull and Bears. Both are pretty close to all the financial markets – or in other words, they control the Fin Markets. They are the people who built the market and they are the same people who continue to bash it – taking advantage of all the loopholes in it.

Jews continue to dominate the Hollywood scenario, Gujmar dominate Bollywood – except perhaps for chocolate-faced Khans. Jews have become victims and then perpetrators of large-scale violence; Gujmars have had the same experience.

Let’s call this comparison a great coincidence. That’s all.

Featured in the photograph above is a Jewish priest from Alibagh, Maharashtra

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Binu Alex

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