No stopping, except artists

May 4th, 2014, 2pm

This is Bristol. It is the colour, vibrancy, culture and creativity of the people that make up this city.

This is a building on Nelson Street, formerly a typical dull, grey, lifeless street in the centre until a few years ago when it was transformed with street art. Shortly after I moved to Bristol I was walking with my house-mate to the cinema one evening and we did not expect too find Nelson Street closed to traffic and full of people. They were eating, drinking, painting and dancing to music from various sound-systems, as part of the “See No Evil” festival.

It was great to see a diverse group of people coming together to help improve their city, and having fun. Community development is best when inclusive and appealing to the population.

I don’t live there any more (I am currently working on community development in Croatia), but on a recent visit I saw another great event, this time showcasing an innovation in city transport – a giant water slide on Park Street. This was part of the “Making Sundays Special” project, where for one Sunday each month the rules are rewritten, and the city centre’s streets are taken over by people instead of cars. Children can play; people can gather and relax; or take a stroll and really enjoy the city that is their home.

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