Too Close for Comfort?

October 25th, 2013, 12pm

This is my first attempt at loading a picture. My computer would not let me do this so I took picture from my phone and picked the wrong one so a little fuzzy.

This was the scene behind my house one day. I am thankful my camera has a zoom lens and I did not have to leave my yard. This bear had come into town looking for food and he found some behind my neighbor’s house.

It made me think of how we as humans have altered the earth so we can live here. We have changed habitats for animals such as this and then get annoyed when they invade “our” space. In taking several Native studies courses, I can see how the balance between nature and humans is so very important.

It also brought back a memory of when I used to timber cruise in British Columbia. I had a bear charge me in the bush and stop just inches away. I suppose he was mad that I was in “his” space. At the time I was terrified and just thankful to get away unharmed. In thinking about it now, I was in “his” space surveying areas to be logged. We are invading their habitats and sometimes they find it necessary to invade ours.

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Shelley Werstroh

I live in The Pas, MB. I work as an Education Assistant and I am currently going to school full time to become a teacher. I am married and have 3 wonderful boys.

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