March 31st, 2014, 9pm

The rains are coming again
But we will soon see a new day
When our emotions shall also pour
When we will need more than the “consolement” of a brother
Friends yet to come, friends here and friends gone
The emotions each memory brings into the pre-empty present
People who share their last, people who share their all
Looking to fend a bond that transcends our human understanding
A bond, that doesn’t come along everyday in this train of life.
I am here and you are there
You fend for this bond, you feed and cloth it with your endless gifts of time and all

Friends gone
Memories held still and jealously guarded
Yet one I would openly share to relive this fervent mutual existence
You are one lost amidst ages
But you live still, in the corners of my memories
Lingering pictures of you here and there
You are gone

Friends yet to come
I look forward to find another like you
Another who will understand the cements of daily life
Another who will have something special worth sharing
Another who will see my in and my ways
I am willing and open
Like the grounds awaiting the rains

Friends here
A spark I need to hold on to
You are all that makes meaning to my life
The sparkle, the glitter , the very light in my world
My happiness going round and round , the cycle I cling to
Cry times and fun times, rolled up on our shoulders
Seeking a greater embrace
Venturing the inits, the very desires of our heart
Putting sand in our foods
Running after the same number
We understand many things , yet , and
The very cements of our relation to each other sprout daily
We don’t let go of each other
We fuss sometimes but we still stick together
We still have each others back.

Image , courtesy of google images.

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Samuel Alomenu

I write. I sketch. I mull over things and I think about alternatives. @sammidelali

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