Seasons in Australia

August 15th, 2014, 3pm

I’ve written on the Hi topic ‘Seasons’ before especially here and also here.

Where I grew up in Oklahoma, Jonquils and Snowflakes (pictured above in our Australian back garden) were fairly precise harbingers of Spring. Here on the southern coast of Australia, the same species bloom throughout winter and are completely gone by the first day of spring.

Another of our late winter blooming plants is the Cymbidium orchid. For most of the year, we utterly neglect these on old benches out in the back yard. But a little fertiliser judicially applied can be very rewarding.

A Tangle of Cymbidiums">A tangle of cymbidiums

We are now at the tail end of winter; thus the flowers pictured here are giving way to daffodils and tulips, to be followed by Iris. Of course, that’s just in the garden. The real glory of Australian Spring is the wild flower season that peaks in September and October. As work permits, I hope to show some photos of the seasonal progression of native blossom in the woody heathlands in our neck of the woods.

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David Wade Chambers

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