Last night I dreamt of a whale

January 5th, 2014, 10am

It was 1.7°C. There was moderate breeze.

In last night’s dream, I was on a beach in Maui. It was a beach that I had visited before.

A humpback whale was in the surf, almost up on the beach. I was watching it roll around the waves in awe.

Then, the whale stood up as if it had legs. It was gargantuan, standing there in the waves. It looked directly at me and screamed. It was deafening, like the T-Rex in Jurassic Park.

What could this mean? So far I’ve spent the morning meditating, drinking coffee and listening to ambient music, which has all culminated in my fixation on what this manifestation of the mind might represent.

My coffee is cold.

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Jordan Clarke

A recent casualty of the publishing industry. Now I'm just curious about all this stuff.

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