Reading Nature's Hieroglyphics

August 22nd, 2014, 7am

I’ve long been attracted to the fancy that nature produces hieroglyphic writing that only the wise can read. It is surely a harmless notion, a metaphor suggesting that nature can be read in more ways than one. Even better, perhaps, is the idea that nature is a kind of musical notation. In the image above, the notes have already left the staff and made their way into the world.

Music in the air!

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David Wade Chambers

Born in Oklahoma: 30 years in US. 6 years in Canada, 40 years in Australia. Academic field: history and philosophy of science. Currently, teach indigenous studies online at Institute of American Indian Arts (Santa Fe, NM) and Brandon University (Manitoba). Come visit our B&B on Australia's Great Ocean Road. Mate's Rates for Hi community! (

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