This city is sometimes hard to digest. There is a never ending flow of activity. The constant rain does not make for a pretty picture...

September 17th, 2013, 8am

As if you take a any picture and then take a mud water colored brush to it. Everything looks dirty. Every corner shows poverty in the midst of hustle-bustle activity. Everyone seems to be busy with something, but from experience I know nothing ever seems to get done. While money is scarce, time is a plenty.

There is construction going on all around the city. Buildings are going up left and right held together by bamboo scaffoldings and questionable concrete. The main roads are currently being dug up to make space for the planned city rail system. It appears that no plans had been made what the traffic is supposed to do during those years of excavation. What used to be a 20 minute ride to work has turned into a 1:15h stress fest. And if this rail system will work, with all those constant power outages all over the city?

Besides failing power, the water lines are also affected, basically all lines of distribution. Gas tanks are sometimes hard to come by … or chicken! (Yes, CHICKEN) …

There is so much more to tell about this city. Many things I did not expect before coming here (and no website could have prepared me for). I.e. the always yodeling churches … I will keep those for another moment.

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Peter Nacken

Trailing spouse all over the world. Love writing, photography, good food (including cooking it myself), traveling, the interwebs ...

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