do you know what it is like;to live differently then others your age? first chapter

January 1st, 2016, 6pm

We all felt sometimes like you didn’t belong amongst the rest. What will you do if it continues? That is the question that I have jet to answer.

It feels like living in a prison… are you asking why? Once I was like everyone else. Let me start by the beginning.

I was born in America, the only daughter of a lovely couple. When I was 8 me and my parents moved to Italy. To one of the most lovely cities. Of course I am talking about Rome. After a few months I was well adapted to the sceneries. Not long after everything went south… I got ill, spend most of my time in the hospital. Between feeling like I was dying, visits from my parents and doctors I was so tired. All I could do is sleep. My father couldn’t take it me being ill. So he hid in his work after hearing from the doctors that I wouldn’t probably survive another fever. My mother stopped working and started to spend her days in the hospital. Night after night everything went well I became stronger and stronger but it lasted not long. A night my mother went to my father to get him out of the office and come visit me. That night is the one I never will forget. On their way to the hospital the car slipped and drove of a bridge. I still can’t forgive myself for it because you can probably guess they passed away that night.

I didn’t know about my parents for a long time. The doctors agreed to not tell me about it. I know they indented well but still how could they? Now that my parents are gone and I have no other relatives, I live alone in the big house once I called home. The time I spent in the hospital I used it for studying, I learned all kinds of different stuff. Every few days or weeks I had a new roommate most of the roommates were adults. They learned my all kinds of things from French to math.

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