A first step in a new land.

February 19th, 2014, 5pm

A first page is turned. I did it. This is done.

Research in Mathematics. A lonely work, but also communications with others. Those, are certainly moments where is touched upon the essence of the art: the understanding of the speaker - or this particular part which is exactly a bit more than that - is delivered, submitted to the understanding of others. Rejections, acceptance of the speaker’s view by those of many in the audience. In this concentration of many previous lonely moments - reading, writing, failures, questions - emerges in one single time lap a new common understanding. Out of that should be revealed something which was not here before.

Here, is the risk in giving a talk, like it is in coming on the boundary, in walking on the edge. Even more dangerous is a talk, when the speaker leaves his field of ease, used his own moments in the dedication of others. A step into the dark, from one edge of the cliff. During this time, everything counts. What can be written, what is pictured, what can only be said, what should not be said. And sometimes there is another side: a new moment is built, like an unexpectedly bridge between two pillars.

Lonely travelers have joined together for a brief lapse of time. The world of everyone is brighter, made of beast with new names, of names with new faces. New spots have been lightened in the fog.

Two blackboards, 4 hours, 15 mathematicians. A link with others. Now they joined my web and I joined theirs. We can go back walking along our own path, but we will meet again, we will discover new landscape togethers.

A journey made of many pages.

Christine and Abhishek said thanks.

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