Just say no.

March 23rd, 2014, 7pm

It was 9°C with few clouds. There was moderate breeze.

I’m not entirely sure why I thought this would be A Good Thing.

I think it’s because I like bourbon, and I like beer. Turns out I do not like bourbon flavoured beer.

Worse, looking up the beer online, all I found were horrendous reviews, including words such as:

  • bitter
  • a bit too sweet
  • “some rotten fruits”
  • garbage
  • “Absolutely one of the worst beers i’ve ever had”
  • sour shandy
  • “It’s only 330ml bottle, but I can’t finish it.”
  • “…after being given a pack of 4 I couldn’t even finish one bottle.”

…And so on.

You have been warned.

Adrian, Christine and David Wade said thanks.

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Paul Capewell

I read lots of stuff about old stuff and new stuff. I love diaries. I take photographs sometimes, and I like to ride my bicycle.

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