Ceremony of the “Dauseh” = trampling

January 25th, 1850, 1pm

Friday January, 25th. Ceremony of the “Dauseh” = trampling. Cold - on the wall - an old man tries to pee and crawls on his knees rubbing his poor thing on the ground. Wallachian whores beside us on the wall. Hurly-burly of colors because of all the turbans thronging - two cars full of strangers - a third car, green, with the head of a negro sticking out. On the terrace of a palace to our right, eunuchs watching.

Two troops of men came forward, swaying and screaming, a few with iron pins through the mouth, or rods through the chest, with oranges at both ends - a big negro, the head jutting forward and so furious he had to be restrained by four people - he didn’t know where he was anymore. Eunuchs came down on the crowd, hitting people with sticks tom ake room; we could hear the blows on the tarbooshes like it does on bales of wool - it as the regular and numerous sound of rain. Thus was a path opened in the crowd, and the faithful were laid on the ground, head to toe, on their bellies. Before the Sharif crossed, a man walked on the alley of people to make sure they were tight enough together, with no gaps.

The Sharif in a green turban, pale, black beard, waits a while for the row to be firmly packed; his horse is held at the mouth by two servants, and two men are at the Sharif’s side and uphold him. Horse a dark chestnut, the Sharif in green gloves. At the end, his hands started shaking and he nearly fainted on his saddle - there was something like 300 men - the horse walks in big movements and reluctantly, probably kicking with his back a little. The crowd closes behind the horse as soon as he has passed, and it is not possible to see if anyone is dead or hurt. Bekir Bey said there was no accident.

Cassie and David Wade said thanks.

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Gustave Flaubert

"Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world." [extracts from Flaubert's travel diary written in 1849-1851]

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