Quiet places are few here. David's Lane duck pond & trail extends peace for miles.

July 7th, 2013, 2pm

Summer days in East Hampton are long and hot. New Yorkers and other East Coast varietals have made their way east on NY-27 to Long Island’s South Fork. The village is swamped. Heat + noise + density make a visit into town almost unbearable…but there’s a small, almost secret, escape off of Davids Lane.

Drive down the lane away from the village. Take the pull-off before Egypt Lane. The lip of the pond is surprisingly close to the road. It’s quiet and shaded, insulated by a thick copse of trees. Wild vines and pockets of ferns. A short marshy creek feeds into the pond. Ducks, geese all around your feet. There’s a walking trail that runs along the creek and off into the woods.

Bring stale bread and leave time for a stroll.

Alex and Chris said thanks.

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Drew Frist

Writer / Photographer / Designer

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