What is Truth? Is it the One we see or observe OR might it be still unknown to us?

October 30th, 2015, 11pm

Why are we always looking for truth? Are we so much that dependent on what so called Truth is? What if the concept of truth is entirely different that what we’ve known until now. From so many years human beings are here on this planet earth,our mother earth, but does anyone know what are we supposed to be doing existing forever? Or maybe when there is no hope from us we’ll be eradicated like the big huge creatures before us. It is said that a writer can reach to those places where our science can not. Did anyone ever questioned himself/herself whether whichever tradition or God or Dharma we are following exist or not? “What if History up till now is just imagination of writer’s like us?” If human is one kind having blood , bones & same body structures , Do we need to live apart? Why is there are countries, their boundaries, different religions? Can’t we all humans for once live all together for better future of our entire species? Human’s are being attacked by humans only. So many stories of bomb-blasts, rapes & many crimes are our big trouble nowadays. My question to everyone on entire planet is “WHY?” I would be pleased to hear your replies and answer your questions. But I Challenge everyone to answer this single question “WHY?

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Pushkar Patil

Well , There were many , There are many , There will be many... But There is and will be only me ...Forever unique..

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