Levels, Standards, Rows

July 14th, 2014, 1pm

It was 35°C with scattered clouds. The breeze was light.

India’s education system is getting screwed day after day. In fact education in India is a problem than a solution. When I was in the school, there was little information on the options before us. Talented people made it to doctors and engineers category while a few like me who had no inclination towards both wandered around not knowing what to do. The recent announcement of IIT and IIM in every state is nothing but going back to those days when I passed my schooling. Only that the kids today have better information and a host of coaching institutes to guide them. But the quality remains the same, only the quantity has got a fillip. We care least to reward creativity, original thinking, research and innovation. The independent thinking of a budding talent is killed for ever.

Let me illustrate an example of a young girl who had an artist in her. But just like the flock of sheeps, she also went to the tried and tested MBA route after wasting three years in graduation. It was not because she had no information on options available but she was never prompted to choose a profession which she was fond of. There are millions of such people across the world and mostly in India where Education system doesn’t allow them to sustain from a garage and build a Google or Apple.

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Binu Alex

Jack of all master of none. Reckless Thinker, Bad writer, Tech lover, Safe Driver in Dry Republic of Gujarat. 2 decades in print, web and radio. Unglorified tweeter. No Admirers. Unlimited Foes, Endless envy. Not to be loose shunted

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