A friend of mine was clearing out his roof deck and followed a bunch of these to see where they led and they led to nothing. I guess there’s a reason they’re called cable installers. It’s just like the scaffolders.

I am the most poetic right after my heart is broken. I am the happiest when I am almost in love. I went looking for a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser because I read that they take off the finger oils on your keyboard’s Wheel of Fortune keys but none of the 99 cent stores had seen the guy. Eastwick was playing music I listened to in college and that’s not a brag, I’m just feeling nostalgic. Every once in a while you need to watch an old lady and her shopping cart crossing the street to Explosions in the Sky.

Lunch came out to 10.88. I paid fifteen and got four dollars back. Does nobody care about change anymore.

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Jack Cheng

You left these here so you will be in my stories

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