They say the rainy season stops right after Meskel ... yeah right!

September 30th, 2013, 4pm

It is a common saying here that the rainy season stops like clock work on the Meskel holiday, which this year was 26th Sept. and the previous 2 years this held true.

Not so much this year. The weather is really toying with me. When I dress up prepared, the sun comes out and I sweat like a hog. And today it did not look like rain, I only had a light jacket on AND my laptop in my non-waterproof backpack … and 10 minutes into my walk it poured out of buckets and I shared some very limited (and barely efficient) shelter with some of those school kids …

Cassie, Paul and Craig said thanks.

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Peter Nacken

Trailing spouse all over the world. Love writing, photography, good food (including cooking it myself), traveling, the interwebs ...

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