The End of it all, begins right here.

August 10th, 2015, 5pm

It was 22°C with few clouds. The wind was calm.

She looked at me tauntingly. Her eyes dancing playfully as her magnetism became harder to escape. She sat there alone in a corner, waiting, to be thrust into desperate arms. She emanates with an odor that is hard to forget. Alas, she is filled with contradictions.

Her presence invites a sense of hope. Hope for a serendipitous tomorrow. She makes the unknown appear to be a lost happy memory. Something that we’d all like to live again. Yet her eyes, deep beneath that veil of sweetness and care, lie memories of misfortune. Layers of unclear decisions, of broken hearts and senseless steps. Here she was, the pinnacle of beauty and the head of the beasts. She could rescue me from the dungeons of darkness. And she could tear me apart into incomprehensible fragments. She is all I need and want. Yet, she is the one that can make me bleed helplessly. She is a necessary evil.

She walks by me gently, stating that she will not wait longer. Either I thrust her and don’t let go, or I forget about her - let her slip by. Tough, isn’t it? But momentarily, as her beauty pounds on my chest, with her being just a step away, the answer becomes inevitable. I hold her, for what feels like infinity. Inexplicable emotions flow through me. But when it ends, and oh it does end - when she has to leave, our past seems to have a lasted for a mere second. She’s laughing through her departure, for she knows that I am completely attached to her while she isn’t.

She mocks as her last words escape;

“There’s something I should’ve told you - I’m dangerous.”

And thus the realization dawns upon me. The end began with the beginning. When I held her and promised to not let go, that’s when I opened the door to letting go. I created the end with the beginning. Ah, she is filled with contradictions.

She is love.

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Ishita Doval

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