Maybe you wake up—and everything is switched around. There's sixteen stairs where there were fourteen before. And you use emacs.

January 10th, 2012, 2pm

Maybe you wake up — and everything is switched around. Your furniture is the exact mirror of what you remember. Breakfast is subtly different, but you can’t say how. Your glasses are a slightly different colour.

Honda makes your bike and Giant makes your car. The sky is an ever so subtle shade of green, and the light scattered from it makes the world look like a cross-processed print. There’s sixteen stairs where there were fourteen before.

It’s the Shinjuku 109. You have to leap back after stepping onto the road — the cars are driving on the right side. Wearing your cap forwards is the cool thing to do. The boys wear pink. The girls wear pink. The police officers wear pink.

Dreadlocks is a wizard and Warlocks a haircut. The iA and AQ offices have swapped locations. And when you finally roll up at your standing desk, you open your Blacknook Air to discover you use emacs.

You’ve got to replace your keyboard.

Gueorgui, Amal and Chris said thanks.

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Christopher Giffard

The opposite of a wanderer, whatever that is.

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