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September 1st, 2016, 6pm

Here bookmarking web pages for chrome. I hope to bring Jasmine and my mom here to visit the museum here, the African Americana Museum and Museum of Natural History for the Dinosaurs. There are plenty of restaurants and things to take pictures of for memories. I love the ocean sea life exhibit. I want to entertain my family to the tight rope portion of the museum that costs $5.00 five dollars admission. If I take them here I will also be sure to visit the Getty Center and Rose Garden. I love the games here, there is always free beer and Frat Houses. I hope I can make time to get dressed up and attend some of the games and parties.

I am bookmarking Law enforcement web pages and wanted lists for major cities and law enforcement agencies such as I.C.E. and F.B.I. I am also bookmarking major cases for Lexis Nexus and Municipal Court laws for Los Angeles. I am also finishing up bookmarking web pages for California and Los Angeles Court forms, hoping to get experience for laws suits. I have also bookmarked the L.A. law library for quick reference to Lexus Nexus , West Key, CAL APP and CAL JUR. In addition I am bookmarking web pages for civil rights, especially the poverty stricken for law suits and community collaboration. In addition I am finishing up bookmarks for social sites, philosophy and forums. I am also trying to bookmark free education, e-books, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Nahuatl. I hope to learn about the problems in Mexico and Aztec gods. I have been bookmarking most of the Mexican Cartels and gang information in Mexico that relates to D.E.A and I.C.E. Most of the information has to do with gangs in Tijuana and Most wanted for Tijuana and Baja. I am also getting as many MP3’s, Youtube Video’s, and Video Games as possible to Google Drive and My SD Card. I also been trying bookmark social services in Mexico and Sub Service Stations. I am hoping to visit Pick-a-Part soon to go over a few engine parts I been interested in learning to replace including the Radiator, Transmission and Alternator.

Here is a link for Public Counsel

A Civil Rights Project for Lawyers;

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