#5 1 day in Savannah with family // 1 día en Savannah con familia

June 2nd, 2014, 5pm

We veered from our trajectory by visiting family in Savannah, and we’re so glad we did. Though we could spare only a little time, it was fascinating walking through the squares, full of heavy history.


Hoy hemos visitado Savannah, GA. Sólo hemos estado un día pero ha merecido la pena pasearse por todas sus plazas llenas de historia.

David Wade, Shu and erin said thanks.

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Pamela Drouin

We're documenting our cross-country move from Tampa to Seattle. The moments we encounter will be bilingual. // Estamos documentando nuestra mudanza desde Tampa a Seattle. Los momentos que pasemos serán bilingües.

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