This year is almost gone.

December 31st, 2013, 10am

It was 5°C with broken clouds. The breeze was gentle.

What’s left of it is enough for to sit and with no hurry reflect on what happened with you in 2013.

Good things has happened. Exciting things. What made, make and will continently make me extremely proud of. To see how you’re changing life of others is a better way, witness the result of your impact, it’s … amazing. Now I wonder why. Why exactly I chose this way to go. There are plenty of big charities and non-profits. Why I decided to go my own way? Because I wanted to know names. See people. Wanted to able to come and see. Wanted close contact to make sure that everything I’m doing is what those people really need. I’m not a so called do-gooders. No. I don’t collect money for victims of tsunami or to fight starvation. I’ve found my own way of the greater good. And it’s working.

Not so good things… Well, transition from freelance to a permanent position is still a challenge as there are no permanent positions available. But most of not-so-good-things is that my dearest got a doctors verdict and clock is ticking. And it frightens. I’m learning how to cope, how to live knowing that… Strangely it didn’t change our everyday life. It’s filled with love, care, fun. It’s just… Meaning of word ‘eternity’ has changed.

So was 2013 a good year? Yes. Was it a bad year? Yes.

Any regrets? Wouldn’t change a bit.

Any wishes? A miracle. I wish for a miracle, Divine intervention, scientific breakthrough or something. Anything.


David Wade, Paul and Cassie said thanks.

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Anna Frejlev

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