Yesterday I jumped over three holes in the ground, the third one made my phone fly out of my pocket.

August 17th, 2014, 10am

The screen only got chipped at the top left side but it seems that’s enough for the phone not to work anymore. My Strava ride didn’t matter anymore.

I wasn’t too bummed out. I knew I only had to take it to a repair shop which doesn’t need more than a day to fix it. It wasn’t my emotional attachment to this porous object that was a problem to me. It was the realization how central it is to a lot of things that make my every day life possible.

I had to pay rent Nope that won’t work. I just switched to a new bank which uses the phone as a password generator to access my online banking app. Can’t pay rent, won’t pay rent.

Check work email I use two factor authentication at work and for my personal email account. Of course I haven’t printed out the codes that you use in dire situations like losing your phone.

Both my main source of money and communication got blocked by me cracking a tiny bit of the screen on my iPhone.

Christine and Shu said thanks.

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Rok Pregelj

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