I do not believe in the concept of waves. When one wave crashes, another nips at it's tail and they become one continuous wave; the same in life.

December 11th, 2015, 1pm

Moments do not end. There are no significant events in our life because there is no such thing as the concept of one singular event that can be spotted out of an entire lifetime of living. We have been trained with the idea that when we go to sleep the day is over, but that is not the case. We have been trained that certain daily activities are the increments of time and that pieces of time exists. That it is possible to break up time into days, hours, minutes. That is so when we are having a rough day or hour or minute, we can go to sleep and it’s a new day. A new time chunk for new events to take place. But life is one continuous string of time. It doesn’t end. The minute something happens it leads to the next thing which then has something else to take its place after that and then after that something else happens….

There are no breaks in time. There is no such thing as an event or day in our life that was amazing or horrible. We are living a continuous strand of life and IT is amazing sometimes and IT can be really bad others. ‘It’ can. Not ‘they’. Not ‘months’ or ‘days’. But the continue string of life.

Paul and Sel said thanks.

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Katja Stephanos

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