Flutter by, butterfly

August 21st, 2014, 10am

I love butterflies. Although there are a number of fairly drab examples that can be found in England, here’s one of the more colourful ones - a Red Admiral.

I came across this one resting in the morning sunshine while on a walk with my daughter past Caister Castle. We were accompanied by a number of other insects, but it was the butterflies on this occasion that held my attention.

I know that some people (including my wife) dislike these creatures. Something to do with the hairy bodies I think. But thankfully that doesn’t trouble me, so I enjoy watching them and getting up as close as I can to admire the delicate wings and beautiful colours.

I love, too, the fact that butterflies start as caterpillars. The metamorphosis that takes place as they transform into butterflies is so spectacular and awe-inspiring!

Here are some caterpillars that we came across on another walk, and below that some of the other butterflies that I managed to photograph.


A Comma: butterfly-700.jpg

And a Speckled Wood: butterfly2-700.jpg

David Wade, Christine and Chris said thanks.

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