Everyone stopped to look at the sky.

September 24th, 2013, 10pm

It was 17.8°C. The wind was light.

We usually walk fast in this part of the World. I have a fast pace, but I have curious eyes. I observe and remember the people that pass me by. I know the ones who live on the streets, and the ones who go to work. I know who works at which bodega and the nannies, and the old men, and this artist old man who walks in bare feet.

Today, everyone was stopped. I should have taken a photo of them looking at the sky. Instead I did the same. I looked at the sky. I felt a little dizzy, looking up so fast, and the sky so immense. People around me were pointing to the sky and saying “It’s for sure a space ship” or “OMG UFO!”. It was particular, it was just floating there. With blue and red lights, or were they green and blue? I forget. It made me smile. I wasn’t afraid. My little girl was looking at all of us looking at the sky, and she was curious. Why were they all looking up? So she also looked up and said “Avion!” which means “Airplane” in French.

It felt like she might be right, just because I think kid’s wisdom is often the Truth. However it felt odd. It didn’t feel like anything I could recognize, definitely an unidentified flying object to me.

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celine semaan vernon

Advocate of the Open Web. Designer. Mom. Experimental anthropologist. Founder of the science-fashion label @slowfactory_ Founder of Le Design Team a Design Studio in Brooklyn helping organizations achieve their goals by optimizing their processes and empowering them with tools to keep innovating. http://ledesignteam.com Alien of extraordinary abilities living in New York

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