My time piece

January 30th, 2014, 11pm

It was 27°C with few clouds. There was moderate breeze.

Some time back my girlfriend got me a wrist watch. Something I had been wanting for a long time. But I hadn’t gotten around to buy one because I wanted to have it as a gift. [ You are thinking funny guy - ryt? Well I know I act weird sometimes. ] I remember catching myself many times checking the time on my phone. And every time I looked at my wrist.. I wasn’t really checking the time. I was just looking… and the face of the watch blurring out.

I love wristwatches. I am always in awe of the making of a good wrist watch. The magnificence of the excellence of this miniature time machine.

But also, I love wristwatches because it reminds me a lot of my father and the values that drove him. The man who was every minute lifting his wrist to meet his eyes. The man who was always 2 hours early to work yet walked so briskly amongst the early morning’s rushing crowd.

He went to bed late too yet rose at dawn … most often fell asleep with his time piece on his wrist and a pen in his hands…. crunching numbers in his little notebook by his bed side.

This is really why I want to own a wrist watch: in a great sense it means more than a timepiece. It speaks volumes about the core values for success. It speaks volumes about work ethics.

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Samuel Alomenu

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