One way to find some motivation...

May 21st, 2014, 4pm

Having got annoyed (again) at my low levels of productivity and motivation during the past days I came up with a plan, set goals, and gave myself some routine to force myself to work.

Luckily I (and really, the same applies to anybody) am quite free to define what I see as ‘productive’, and currently this includes lots of things in the category of ‘what I want to do’. In this category is writing.

Today I had a change of scenery to improve my motivation, and provide inspiration. It is amazing what getting outside of the same four walls can do. Of course it does help if the new scenery is as beautiful as this, but I have always found that getting outside and going for a walk anywhere can be refreshing.

I didn’t walk too far today, but I did have the crisp, clean Adriatic sea to swim in. A quick dip and my mind was as clear as the water, and I was ready to put pen to paper and start writing.

David Wade and Christine said thanks.

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