A great journey that everyone makes is existence.We are made of star stuff they say. Truly remarkable of the diversity on this small place we call home.

March 29th, 2015, 8pm

My personal experience with the world is very confusing and biased. I feel it will remain so for a long while, it has been for many people as well. While uniqueness is in abundance, chaos is its sister. Life is a good thing for a large population, yes daily challenges do exist but concept of free will is a more extended experience. There is no “all for one” anymore. It is every person for himself. The path you choose takes you where you want.

We have been here since evolution and seen changes in the world and within ourselves. We have reached the top half of a normalized bell curve. Science has brought us this far. How far can we go? No one knows for sure. Ambitious creatures as humans are, there is no doubt we will survive through time. Hmm yes “survive” not “live”.

Marvels and misery that we experience all around us are a courtesy of Human logic ,but it is a true software that runs us. With it come applications like government, organizations, ideas, science, languages and even religion - which we all think started just like we think about the Big Bang. This is not a statement of an atheist or agnostic person. I would prefer to feel that there is something, but I don’t approve of what follows.

We are blinded by all these applications and spend decades searching for a true meaning and be in peace. A person who creates these system of applications holds into account few people and their ways of life. So there are many other people creating the same and we all branch out to conflicts. In all this self created chaos we serve no balance for a livable future. If the system we created is failing, then the smart move would be to unite to make it live.

Some might argue claiming utopia leads to stagnation. While I may agree this would lead to economical equilibrium which is bad, but when you drive economy on concepts like sustainable development, we will have a chance for better future not only for ourselves but the entire planet. Every phase in this world has an expiration date, it will simply transform into something else when the time comes. The question is do we approach that time with full life or we suffer and wait for it.

Evaluating choices in midst of all this chaos is a huge task, which is simply why many tend to follow procedures. We can be better than this, we are the protectors of all life hence we have had the probability of it in our galaxy on our planet, even when god played dice. Let us stop thinking the human logic, clearly nature does not. I wonder if there was another way, don’t you?

Anne Marie and Harshitha said thanks.

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