Christmas is over. And it's quite sad to see all those abandoned Christmas trees lying on the pavement.

January 5th, 2015, 1pm

It was 1°C with overcast. The wind was light.

I love Christmas. It is a cosy moment we can share and enjoy with our family or closest friends.

But each year, after Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, in the first days of January, I used to see the same scene around my neighborhood, at the turn of a street. Finding myself, in the dreary morning, face to face with all those abandoned Christmas trees, lying on the pavement, always makes me feel melancholy.

And yet, a few days before, those Christmas trees were the center of attention of the celebrations. Dressed up with lights and decorations, they were center stage in the middle of the living room or the dining room. Family members, close friends, used to gather around them, talking about this and that, and of course, exchanging Christmas gifts. Kids are happy and their eyes are shining. Home sweet home. For some people, the Christmas tree is also the only place, the only time in a year, that they can meet their relatives.

And then, within a few hours, Christmas trees went from heroes of the celebrations to objects that take up too much room. So, we get rid of them without mercy, throwing them savagely above a pile of other Christmas trees which suffered the same fate.

Some others, rarest and luckier ones, will have a better fate and will be replanted in a garden, or a forest, and will be able to continue their tree life for many years.

This is part of the post-Christmas sadness.

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