It's been a long battled tug of war with my shriveled inmost soul.

May 23rd, 2016, 12pm

“NO!” SHE screamed as loud as she could … But I ignored her arguments as I couldn’t consider her as my friend anymore . She was always a good friend but more than a sister . “I would never do that to you, I’m your sister remember” Tears filled up but I was in control , it was harder than I thought , I could never leave someone just like that . We were a family , consoling each other every time we were down . We cried , laughed , joked and fought , all those pictures went across my head as I looked right into her eyes , she was crying too , she kept on sobbing and talking at the same time . Nothing went through , I paid no attention to what she was saying .

“Hey you ready? Can you please stop staring at the mirror for some time?” Someone from the other end shouted. It was a day of celebration for us , we were all set for a big day ahead! Our ONAPATTU that we had practiced for weeks . The tug of war that we won against all our seniors was all filled with our memories of unity and hard work . The best part was the dressing up in sarees, helping each other get ready and complimenting! Days later it was the end of semester and I couldn’t even think of parting everyone , tears was everything that I could give them .Ten days weren’t just some ten days , that suffocation and the amount of missing was intolerable . Exams days were a lot scary in the beginning but friends around helps outrun the stress. EXCURSION days were just perfect in my fairy tale, a short time that made our friendship stronger. All the dance and fun filled nights , our bond became much stronger than I could ever see in one’s life. Everything was happening fine just like a dream. BUT something went wrong somewhere … All the happiness vanished into the dark mist.

My HEAD kept on chanting “JUST WALK AWAY,YOU IDIOT”… But HER tears flooded my heart , which made me numb. SHE continued to apologize,repeating the same phrases over and over. I stood right there staring at my reflection in the mirror . Is this what you do to yourself? Torture yourself for something so abstract. I restrained myself from crying but my own image right in front of me on the mirror, could never control those tears, why do you do this? Why can’t you be strong? I move on with new hopes and dreams and also with these thoughts pondering in my head.

Alma and David Wade said thanks.

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Ardra Dcruz

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