Today was a beautiful day.

November 22nd, 2007, 7pm

It started quite ordinarily. I got up and prepped the children for breakfast, ate a quick egg & grilled bread with orange juice and ran out right after I sent my little ones to school. While on the road, I notices that my phone has rung twelve times. Quite unusual, still, severely disturbing. I called back only to find out my husband has had great news - he was coming back home for Christmas. I was so excited we were going to spend the holidays together so I quickly ran to the groceries store, ordered a special welcome cake from the nearby desserts boutique and called in a house clearance team to handle the rest. We have just moved in our new home and I haven’t got the time to clear the garage - Josh’s favorite place. I wanted to surprise him for his return and there wasn’t an easier way than getting the garage ready for his future home workshop.

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