This time it was taped down

July 31st, 2016, 3pm

Pretty relaxing first week…. Except I’m already behind!!

Well learning Maya again this time texturing and modelling. Should actually learn rigging from Charlie’s guides.

Went to a Mircosoft event… Wait did I already mention this before? Ah whatever.

Went to Bankstown yesterday, Mum wanted to see Little Saigon. Visited the incomplete level 3. My brother looked away later as I tried to take the dollar out a rogue shopping cart.

The Centre was aite. No Westfields but still a decent selection of shops.

Today I went out to see the Daark Illusions Sneak Peek. Missed most of the events but luckily Blacktown’s got me. Unfortunately no Dark Magic Circles.

Met up with Aaron and walked around a bit. Was nice.

Found another Overwatch board. This time taped down and when I asked the clerk he said he still needed it.

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Alan Wen

Some uni student, gonna just be recounting some life events and my everyday.

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