September, the speed bump- it's free falling the rest of the year.

August 29th, 2014, 12pm

September is an odd mark of the year. The sadness or toast to a glorious golden summer or the fear towards an end of a fiscal year. How you look at it— no matter what age— they are mixed with football dip and retired baseball mitt. Spanking new shoes for school or “let’s get that game face” for my bros in the hallway. All rolled into one— we all face September with some song in our head. The Happenings sang: “See you in September”, but we all sing our Auld Lang Syne and begin new friends and acquaintances like the exchange of shorts to scarf. Why such a spiral? Every holiday imaginable is all rolled into the last four months. Grandma has stuck her turkey in the oven along with my gingerbread house, italian lasagne and brisket. Every other day is a jewish remembrance, and an endless parade of Santa, the Santa Maria and shoppers on Fifth. So here is to celebrating in a September way…

Christine and Charlie said thanks.

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Mike Ng

Somewhere in my mind. A snicker's bar wrapper, floating on a busy street on Market and 5th. A cloud floating at no speed... saying F__ You... I will take my time if it takes all day and night. A star in that massive galaxy you are gazing at... that just winked at you.

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