The road is calling....mayhem is coming. 3500km across India in a rickshaw.

April 4th, 2014, 10am

It’s hotter than hot in Kochi. This is one of the few moments when I wholeheartedly hate being a woman. I still must be respectfully dressed while all the men are walking around shirtless.

We have three days to learn how to drive a rickshaw (2 stoke, 145cc, rolling piece of turd) and then drive it across the entire length of India, raising money for charity. Adventure philanthropy at its best. This is not my first road rally in an inappropriate vehicle. The days leading up to it, such as right now, sweating into my bra and in places I didn’t even know it was possible, I wonder if I am insane. Why have I given up the comfort of home for the road? What is wrong with me?! I would be so much further along in my career, in meeting my financial responsibilities, in my love life if I could just stay still. Except there are certain words when whispered, my knees weaken and I wholeheartedly say YES! Adventure is one of those magical words, traveling long distance and as close to the ground / culture as possible is another.

So here I am, in Fort Kochi, with two giant blisters on my left hand and third one forming as I struggling with the lever you must pull to start the rickshaw. At the end of 3500km, my left arm will look like Popeye’s!

The road is calling. A ridiculous (and amazing) adventure awaits.

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It is not until you’ve experience Delhi belly first hand do you realize how important clean water is. Donate towards our charity:water campaign

P.S. Our tuk tuk is named Joey! Can you guess who its named after? There is a clue in the photo!

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