How do I get more subscribers on Hi...?

October 24th, 2013, 11am

It was 27°C with few clouds. The breeze was light.

I am at work. Sending out emails and making new contacts. Perhaps 2 out of ten of these Orgs and individuals I am contacting may become potential partners. I was typing away an introductory email 5 minutes ago.. when suddenly it struck me…How can I get more subscribers on Hi?

Hm. So I am thinking about it right now - and my mind is a weird place. And when I say weird I mean.. the kind of mess you see when you open a very old television… you know.. the television with the tube. When you unscrew the tube you will see lots of messy wires. I remember 12 years ago, I opened my father’s broken television trying to understand what was going on in there. I went to the garage and took a long string of copper wire.I didn’t know what it was called then. And I cut the wire into two - tied the live edges to some non-mental-metal looking - object - and plugged the other to live ends into the wall socket. And after saying a prayer - I guess a part of me knew I was being stupid - I switched the socket on. Well.. And I had the shock of my life. I immediately understood wires are strange things - they cause sparks and shocks.

My mind is a weird place you see. I didn’t even know I was going to tell that story. What I really wanted to talk about is how I can get more people to subscribe to my Hi

Ah.. it’s been more than a month and I am back I know: ** Publish more moments and read and offer sincere feedback to others’ moments**

Christine, Cassie and Dani said thanks.

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Samuel Alomenu

I write. I sketch. I mull over things and I think about alternatives. @sammidelali

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