Christmas cheer.

December 13th, 2013, 11am

This is going to be my first Christmas away from home - ever. I’m thirty, I’ve traveled quite a bit but I always come home for Christmas. I’m at once impressed by how Christmas unravels in Barcelona (the lights on every street, the random seeming musical performances, the Christmas market) and nostalgic for the Christmases I am more familiar with. That said - despite being Canadian my Christmases have never had a particularly Canadian feel. Christmas trees, lots of shopping, turkeys… these things have never meant Christmas to me. Christmas is entirely constructed around lots of food, family and good wine. One day, I think, I will find a way to get my whole family to fly to me and we will celebrate where I am and it will feel exactly the same as long as they are there and we have access to a good kitchen.

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Dani Z

The hardest thing about getting older is realizing that I might, in fact, be a minor character in someone else's story. (I keep changing this bio. I'm not sure I'll ever nail it)

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