Someone asked me, why don't you defend yourself?

July 24th, 2014, 7pm

It was 19.4°C. The breeze was gentle.

Someone asked me, why don’t you defend yourself? I wondered what I have to defend. Fighting back is not grace. Shielding invokes participation into a war. What is defense? If I utter one word or thought in the direction of their dishonor than I am that also. So I accept the pain of crucifixion knowing I am Peace. Pain becomes Light again.

Some days it is unbearable to watch shadows conquer the Soul of another. I have learned about honor in silence. I have learned about honor in letting go. Compassion rises with the moon at night. I ask the stars to sing for me. Please sing that song on the day I was born so that I remember my Light.

I continue to ask the question. What do I have to defend? Even the activity of forgiving is stepping into a story.

In Peace there is nothing of resistance.

I wanted to be a writer full of stories. I wanted to weave them as magical realms that bend reality. My calling shifted. I emerged a transcribe because I am empty of stories. Light becomes the word.

David Wade said thanks.

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Kelly Vivace

Writing about experiences in the mystical realms of super consciousness, meditation, and spirituality.

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