Inspiration from Say-Hi Writers done in watercolours at the 24-Hours Comic Day in Winterthur, Switzerland. What a great site!

October 20th, 2013, 11am

On my second attempt at the 24-Hours Comic Day I got inspired by some Say-Hi Writers. It’s maybe the first social media mashup comic (not about social media or the internet as a theme but) as a snap-shot of the stories going on at this particular time. The stories are hold together just by a formal visual structure. The changeover is done by taking some words or a situation from the previous story and setting them in a new context into the next one.

There is no beginning or an end to this comic. The central theme are always moments. Bound together by a poetic approach. It’s feels good to capture those moments and just let go the pen and brush doing the visual work.

It’s a good place to be here. Comic here

Boris, Cassie, David Wade, Jordan and 7 others said thanks.

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Jacek Piotrowski

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Comic Artist

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