Day of Nothing: actually, many small something's , and some nothing... but everything consciously chosen.

July 27th, 2013, 10am

It was 23.9°C with scattered clouds. The wind was calm.

This day is designated for doing Nothing (although there are several somethings that I have committed to doing today and some that I simply want to do. The point is to be conscious, to choose, and to make some space for the possibility of simply being. This, a moment in a favorite local cafe, known for being welcoming to all. My husband’s voice at the end of our conversation (“There’s room for all of us” “mmm-hmm”). Slightly cool for the season and the garage doors wide open to welcome in the breeze. In the background, timeless soul & sounds of the setting, a patron clapping and dancing. A gentleman introduced himself, having seen us there before, opening the way to a conversation about how personal experience and reflection can be combined with data to provide a richer, more complete perspective. A little girl played hide and seek behind the couch, a woman across the way drew her hair off her neck, a neighborhood garden offered basil outside.

Anne, Sebastian and Jess said thanks.

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Melinda Hunt

Presence, awareness. Movement, meditation, words. Life (Living). Love.

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