Quebec City Easter Sunday -- Les Canadiens are all right

April 20th, 2014, 1pm

Lovely, gorgeous weekend in Vieux Québec over Easter. The incredibly friendly Quebecois welcomed us without reservation. Given the state of politics, the recent provincial election, and ongoing conflict with Anglo-Canada, I was a teeny bit trepidatious. But I wanted to show my sons one of the very best pieces of Canada — Quebec City did not disappoint. It is as precious and beautiful as ever. We spent four days exploring history, hanging out, watching some hockey games. The real revelation for me was the food; we really ate one spectacular meal after another — from fast-food poutine, to local beef styled by a local chef with local microbrews. Everywhere we went, service people would slip back and forth between French and English with incredible alacrity, tolerating our attempts to speak their language, and communicating elegantly in our preferred language.

I miss Quebec City already.

Christine, David Wade and Lia said thanks.

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Laura Brady

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