I’m moved by the simplicity behind this; only now exists.

April 9th, 2014, 5pm

I’m moved by the simplicity behind this; only now exists. It’s deceptive because you know that it is true, but you can not unlock the true meaning unless you consume the idea correctly. This consumption, this understanding of the world will decide how it manifests in your life. So before you mark this off as lofty I want you to let your mind roam free from putting this off, because only then will it be powerful enough to change your life. Our current paradigm in living is full of negativity; as a society it seems that most people have grown to be so anxious and fearful about the future, and so regretful of what was before. This has become common, almost as a rite of passage as we begin to come of age. The implications of thinking inside of these walls should reveal why we are not and technically cannot live in the present. We are all so amazingly capable of doing what we want to do in this journey called life. But when we choose to travel with more luggage than we can ever hope to carry, we can’t hope to make the flight, we can’t hope to bare the journey, and for some of us, we will not even be able to get out of our rooms because we perceive that there is too much too pack, too much to carry, too many things that we believe we need, and at worst we’ve piled ourselves in. We carry luggage full of fear, cant forget that, that luggage full of regret, can’t forget that, that luggage of every time we failed, can’t forget that, that luggage of anxiety about the future sits right in front of the door preventing us from ever really living. How do you expect to get around it?

And if you get going, how far do you think you will get with all of that luggage? Life is going to take all of you, I mean every drip you have to offer. So you can’t come on board already distracted, already prepared to lose. The first thing you have to do is let go. Dump out that luggage of fear and face it. Dump out the nonsense of your past because now is all that exists. Keep what is good and those things and people that you love and all that will keep you going. All that makes you feel alive. Don’t be afraid of your potential, don’t run from your ability to do what you are called to do. Look in the mirror and decide that you are going to become. That you are going to take this moment and take the best plan of action. Attempt to be clearheaded and open that you might be wrong but you are willing to learn. See this adventure in every moment.

Remember that now is all that is alive. So if you are not living in this very moment, then you are thinking amongst the unliving. And this as it’s been defined, is not the point of living. So live.

Shu, Christine, Jazmyn and Valentina said thanks.

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Christian Ramsey

Apprentice Anthropologist and Ethnographer.

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