Where I invented an olympic sport, amongst other things...

December 25th, 2013, 10am

It was 5°C with scattered clouds. There was moderate breeze.

I used to have a job working for the government. I say “working” for… That is somewhat of an overstatement. Let’s just say I had a lot of down time. The picture is of one small section of a filing room. I spent a lot of time here alone with not much to do. So, I invented a new Olympic sport. Or I would of if I’d actually used all the time I had available to me more productively. Instead I ended up scrunching pieces of paper into little balls and seeing how far I could hit them down the aisle.

It was 1 point for each window passed with additional points gained for style, poise and graciousness. All shots were to be taken using the back of the hand, never the forehand, to gently bat the paper down the aisle.

As I reflect on my time there, I have come to realise how insane the place drove me! So many things happened here I wish I could tell them all.

Cassie, David Wade and mi said thanks.

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