I went out just to take some photos, and I got this one at an old building. Something about forms and patterns. I like that.

March 11th, 2014, 9am

It was 20°C with broken clouds. The wind was calm.

It was the first time that I went out to take photos with a new camera that I had bought. This is an old building in Curitiba/Brazil, called Paço da Liberdade and it was restored some years ago. It´s a nice place in the middle of Downtown, and there is Café there, which for me it´s very good. There are a lot of things to learn about photography, and I´m on my way. Truly, I believe that sometimes we just need to point the camera, and it´s done.

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Eduardo Kolberg

I'm usually searching for the right words and images. But I guess that I will never find them. And this can be a good thing.

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